I’m an award-winning entrepreneur.

My passion is to inspire people and companies to grow. 

I'm honoured to have featured 110 of the world’s top speakers on business and success, on our stages over two decades, in 7 countries.

I love sharing what I’ve learned with others who are keen to improve their marketing, fill their events and to grow their sales and profits through live events.

If that is YOU, let's connect.

Ever since I founded Universal Stars
(formerly Universal Events) in 1993, my mission is to
educate and inspire people to be the best they can be.

Here are 5 ways you can access my knowledge and experience:

  1. Search my site. I have written a few blog posts on this site and you may have already seen the free downloads. I will continue to add posts to this page to provide ideas and inspiration.
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  5. Access my contact list of marketing partners. Do you currently use strategic alliances, as a method to grow your business and fill your events? I can mentor you on this highly profitable, very low cost strategy, by introducing you to any relevant partners and giving you templates, to help you to rapidly grow your client list and your business.

    Collaborating with partners will help you to 2X-10X your list and your revenue. Add massive value to your clients, your partner's clients, build instant credibility and share your message with a larger audience. To explore further, sign up for your 30 minute free Discovery Call, value $300). Please only apply if your annual revenue is 150K plus.

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What Others Say

Michelle Duval Founder and Director, Equilibrio Coaching

Karen Corban is one of those rare people who has a very real, deep love for people and has committed her life to supporting them. From working closely with Karen as a speaker over the last 18 years, I have witnessed first hand her passion and focus grow hundreds of people attending her events into thousands of people, regularly attracting 5,000 people at events in some countries.

Karen creates raving fans, and an exceptionally loyal following of people who attend her events and work within her teams - many spanning two decades with her. This is an exceptionally rare and exciting opportunity to learn from such an experienced and esteemed professional in this field.

Karen Corban, is a universal star when it comes to promotional strategy. She shares her skills and experience with such generosity! The mentoring process with Karen is fluid and directive. Valuable to any growing or established business. 5 stars.

Allison Low Co-Director, Dynamic Mind Works
Pauline Martin-Brooks Founder JV School

If you are even thinking of running an event then you need to become part of Karen's community today. With expertise in both smaller intimate events and events with several thousands of people and all the logistics that entails, Karen knows more about events than anyone I know. Her generosity and charm combined with real world strategies will help you get results fast.

Universal Stars gave me a lot of benefit with their experience of putting events on. My first event was 204 people - I was blown away, I felt like Justin Bieber! My first 5 events we had about 1,000 people overall. Why? Because Universal Stars knew what they were doing.

They showed me how to send out to a list, how to promote the event, how to put on the event and how to sell at the event, which is even more important of course.

So these days I tell everybody no matter what business they are in: think about holding an event! Hold an event so you can showcase your skills, one to many.

In a short period, of about 6 months, I was able really hone my skills in terms of events putting them on and making money from them. Thank you, Ken and Karen.

John Dwyer Marketing Speaker
Duane Alley Personal Development Speaker

As I transitioned from working for someone else to successfully launching my own training company, coaching business and events management company, it was only possible because of the skills I learnt, that I was mentored in, taught and coached by Karen, Ken and the team at Universal Stars.

The very first program I went into was a new one they were introducing. It must have only had about 30 or 40 people in the room. Within 2 or 3 years they built that program into 2,000 or 3,000 people at each event.

I saw some amazing growth! I’ve seen Ken and Karen drive their company in a pretty special way, with integrity and a real passion to deliver the absolute best educational programs you can find anywhere in the world.

Phil Anderson Property Speaker
Terriane PalmerPersonal Development Speaker

I'd like to thank you personally, because way back in the beginning you shared some advice with me and you always had time for me when I wanted to run something by you. Some of that advice that has got me here today: you guys have been the platform that's allowed me to go out and do what I love.

I know I'm just one of many people who can tell a very similar story.